Advanced Testing Services


On arrival the site contact person on site is approached and the way the testing is to be done to cause the least disruption is arranged.
All plugin appliances will be tested to AS/NZS 3760 or the standard that applies to the site.
All appliances that pass will have a tag attached to the appliance lead with the test date and other necessary information. In workshops, building sites and high wear situations a heavy duty tag is used. In offices, schools, hotels and low wear situations a much smaller and less obtrusive tag is used.
The length of time between testing depends on the environment the appliance is in as set out in the standard that applies to the site.
Any fails are labelled DANGER DONOT USE and the appropriate person on site advised.
A list of all items tested and the test results are given to the appropriate person on site at the end of testing. A copy of the test results are also electronically stored by ATS for at least 7 years as a backup.
Each item has its own asset number so it can be tracked from test to test until it is removed from service.
ATS is able to offer a repair service for many of the items should they fail testing if required. This can be arranged at the end of testing.